Translations of product information, instruction manuals, scientific analyses, advertising brochures, business correspondence etc. for companies and translation agencies in Europe, the PR of China, Taiwan and the USA, such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Opel, Bayer, Airbus China, CD Wälzholz, Xerox, Schweppes, Sachtler/Camera Dynamics, Le Meridien Hotels, Microsoft, Time Life, Alstom, English Heritage

Translation of studies, essays, articles and other papers on climate policy, agricultural policy, environmental protection, trade agreements and international treaties on E.C. and W.T.O. level for nongovernmental organizations including Germanwatch, International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD), Friends of the Earth Germany, German NGO Forum on Environment and Development, FIAN - FoodFirst Information and Action Network, Church Development Service (EED), The Swedish NGO Secretariat on Acid Rain

Trainer for Business English and intercultural communication for the City of Munich

Book abstracts (economics, trade, and management) for Get Abstract

Subtitling of feature films, documentaries and TV series for DVD and TV productions for Sony, Warner Bros., Paramount, CBS Home Entertainment,  Twentieth Century Fox, MTV, Doro Film, Universum Film

ref·er·ence (re-fərn(t)s) :

1. the act of refering or consulting;

  1. referred to or consulted: as

  2. a: a person to whom inquiries as to character or ability can be made;

  3. b: a statement of the qualifications of a person seeking employment or appointment given by someone familiar with the person;