Fast, competent and reliable translation of your English and Chinese texts (traditional and simplified) about economics, trade, politics, environmental issues, sustainable development, tourism, natural sciences, cinema and television, nutrition, functional food, herbal therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine into German

Writing – Writing of texts and advise on intercultural issues for your presentation on the internet and your advertising brochures. Editing of spelling, grammar and style of existing texts

English Abstracts of German and Chinese texts – For all who want to stay informed on a special subject but lack for time to read

Subtitling and dubbing of documentaries, feature films and TV productions

Translation and localisation of computer games

Transcription and translation of German, English and Chinese audio files (interviews etc.)


ser·vice (ˈsər-vəs) :

  1. 1)the occupation or function of serving <in active service>;

  2. 2)the work performed by one that serves <good service>;

  3. 3)contribution to the welfare of others;

  4. 4)disposal for use <I'm entirely at your service>;